About Us

The Company is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and has operated as a Business Consultant and Broker in Melbourne and country Victoria specialising in the sale of businesses, namely:

  • Tatts Agencies
  • Licensed Post Offices
  • Newsagencies
  • Other

Since the beginning in 1981 the key personnel of Premier Business Consultants Pty Ltd actively worked with clients to establish many of the Tatts Agency businesses that are operating successfully today, particularly in Victoria.

Premier specialise in the sale of Tatts Agencies, and is the original Broker selected to sell Newsagencies since the mid 1980’s, and are specialist Licenced Post Office Brokers, along with a selected range of other proven profitable businesses.

Joined by Andrew Williams in 1986, Premier has continued to focus on the marketing and sale of Tatts Agencies, together with Newsagencies and Licensed Post Office businesses, and has a substantial data-base relating to the performance of these businesses over many years.

Staff & Consultants

DIRECTOR - John Wilson

DIRECTOR - Jocelyn Wilson - Licensed Estate Agent, Business Broker

Over 39 years in total, 34 years as a Business broker with Premier, the first 5 years with Tower Business Agents Pty Ltd, and owned her own business at the age of 20.

In 1978 Jocelyn purchased a small Tatts - barbershop in Hampton, Vic and developed the Tatts agency as a prototype, and subsequently began to specialize in the development and sale of Tatts Agencies as a separate business entities.

Jocelyn has qualified experience in the sale of Tatts agencies, longer than any other broker in the industry, and provides proven information to clients of PREMIER and also to Accountants, Valuers, Financial Institutions and Legal Practitioners who seek guidance in relation to Tatts Agency businesses.

Merrin Wilson - Licensed Estate Agent - Business Broker, Officer in Effective Control

Merrin has worked in the Real Estate Industry since 1999, before owning and operating her own family Newsagency business in Ocean Grove and a Tatts- Newsagency business in Apollo Bay.

Merrin is well qualified to help clients with advice and practical help in all aspects of the retail business market and has though knowledge of the businesses offered for sale by Premier.

Andrew Williams - Licensed Estate Agent, Business Broker

Andrew has over 30 years experience as a Business Broker with PREMIER, and had also owned and operated his own Tatts Agency in the Altona Gate Shopping Centre for many years prior to joining Premier.

Previously, Andrew was the State Manager for the Park Davies Pharmaceutical Company.

Andrew provides qualified advice and information to Accountants, Banks, Valuers, and Legal practitioners on request.

Specializing in the sale of Newsagencies/Licensed Post Offices, Tatts Agencies, manufacturing, and selected retail businesses.

Phillip Constantine - Licensed Estate Agent - Business Broker

30 years experience in the industry. Phillip owned and operated his own Real Estate business in Mulgrave for 7 years before selling the business and moving into Franchised Business sales in 1995. Phillip has many close business relations in the Franchise sector. Over the years he has been involved in selling many of the main profitable Franchise businesses.

In the last 15 years he has maintained his interest in franchising, choosing to work only with the proven franchise businesses, and has also applied his talents and expertise in the sale of Licensed Post Offices, Tatts Agencies, and Tatts/Newsagency businesses, and selected food outlets.

Anita Bennie - Receptionist and Front Office Co-coordinator

Delightful, and keen to be of assistance, Anita brings enthusiasm for her work, and offers friendly service on behalf of our company at all times.