Confidentiality Agreement

Selling Your Business?

For any information to be supplied to you pertaining to any business Premier Business Consultants are authorized to provide by the vendor, firstly you need to confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions herewith.

1. (a) For the purposes of consideration of the Vendor/s, and their staff, and Premier Business Consultants Pty Ltd, in providing a detailed profile and financials, and any other pertinent information in relation of any business, the Recipient agrees to keep confidential the information provided, and acknowledges a breach of this agreement could cause embarrassment and/or harm to the vendor /s and business.

(b) Such confidential information to be used solely for the purpose of evaluating the option to purchase the business from the Vendor

(c) The Confidential Information not to be used for any gain or advantage to the Recipient or any other party

(d) The Confidential Information not to be used to disadvantage the Vendor or the Business in any way

(e) The Confidential Information may be disclosed only to, professional legal and financial advisors, directors or employees or family of the Recipient who have agreed to be bound by this Confidentiality Agreement, and who also agree to maintain strict security over the Confidential Information, or where the Recipient is acting on behalf of its client, such client also agrees to be bound by this Confidentiality Agreement.

(f) Upon request by the Vendor or Premier Business Consultants Pty Ltd to return all Confidential Information and any other documentation provided.

(g) The Recipient agrees not to communicate directly with any customers, suppliers, employees, or lessor of the business without prior permission from Premier Business Consultants Pty Ltd on behalf of the Vendor once genuine interest is verified.

(h) Any discussions in relation to the Vendor, and Business regarding the opportunity to purchase the Business not to be disclosed to any other party.

2. The Recipient acknowledges this agreement in relation to the Vendor who could enforce its conditions and/ or recover damages from the Recipient in the case of a breach of the undertaking by the Recipient or any associated person/s

3. PREMIER BUSINESS CONSULTANTS PTY LTD provides such confidential information in the Business Profile supplied by the Vendor’s accountant and the Vendor/s of the said business. The Recipient acknowledges that this details provided in the Business Profile is on the assumption of being true and correct. Nevertheless Premier Business Consultants Pty ltd, and Directors management and officers disclaim any express or implied warranty thereto. By acceptance of the Business Profile and other information constitutes acceptance of this disclaimer, which the Recipient acknowledges.