Post Office Sales in Melbourne
Price range above $1.75M



This modern 4 terminal Licensed Post Office is fitted out to the latest Australia Post requirements. The display area is large and well laid out. All normal Post Offices services are performed here including Pass Ports Services EIS including working with children and all ID Checks etc. This business is in the top 20 LPO’S with COMMISSIONS in excess of $400,000. There are 520 boxes installed. This business is well positioned in a very busy shopping area with excellent parking. This business is ideal for a couple or a single operator with part time help.

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Contact: Phillip Constantine - Licenced Estate Agent- Business Broker  MOB: 0408 053 040 Email:

Jocelyn Wilson - Licenced Estate Agent - Director of Premier Business Consultants Pty Ltd  on  Ph:  9509 9888 Email:


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